Me Generation // Stepping Out

This generation has earned the label of the ME Generation, thanks to the introduction of selfies, social media, smart phones and self checkouts. Technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that at the push of a button and the swipe of a card our lives become that little bit easier and more convenient. McDonalds will now deliver to our front doorstep, we can even now create our own burger from scratch which will then be delivered to us in our seat on a fancy bread board if we so desire. We get frustrated when our smart phones are only showing two bars of reception meaning our messages are taking an extra 10 seconds to send and we have to painfully watch that loading bar at the top of the phone take it’s sweet time. Our café staff are now trained to remember our order by memory so that we don’t even have to open our mouths when we walk in we just swipe and go, all in the name of service and convenience.

Alongside all of this, our lives now include the option that when we get a spare 5 minutes at work, school or when we zone out during a lecture,  our phones can be out and we can enter the domain of Facebook and Instagram, posting statuses, sharing statuses, posting photos, checking likes, checking followers … all of which points us back to three things, ME, MYSELF and I.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the use of all of these things and are very much thankful for the advances in technology which make life move along smoothly. Nothing better when you’re in a rush and the checkouts are packed and you want to just grab your packet of chips and be on your way, and you enjoy the glory and freedom that is the self checkout arena (except when the light flashes red and a please wait for assistance error occurs… *shakes fist*). But we need to remember in all of this again that all of these convenient ways of life, all of these things constantly before us are continuously positioning us to base our lives around ‘ME’. It’s all about MY time, MY money, MY convenience, MY profile, MY followers, MY likes, MY food, MY service.

If we’re not aware of this in the slightest then we will carry on our lives in what we shrug is normal life now and we start to lose one of the fundamental and fulfilling purposes attached to our time here on earth – making a difference in the lives of others. We were designed to live in community with others, to help others and to make a difference in others. The ME Generation lifestyle wars against this very truth but helping people, making a difference in other people’s lives is part of who we are and whenever we do so it feels so right. Ever helped an old lady across the street or helped pick up someone’s groceries that dropped all over the pavement? Ever overheard that someone is short 5 cents at the checkout and you step in to the rescue and see the gratitude in their eyes? It feels good and feels right because it’s part of our design. No one is ever truly fulfilled when it’s all about themselves. I’ve got 100 followers now I’m not satisfied til 200, then 300, then 500.

Our creator and designer, God has called us in life to ‘bear fruit and fruit that remains’ (John 15:16). At the end of our days all of our possessions, all of the ME stuff we have, it all goes back in the box… it’s not something that lives on, it’s not something that remains. What remains is the impact we have had on the people around us and the people of this world. The fruit that can remain from our lives is the very people that we have impacted along the way. You see when we get to the end of our time and Instagram closes our account with our 2k followers on our profile that we have put so much time and effort into maintaining all these years… I dare say that the people at Instagram who monitored your account will be saying a few words at your memorial service. The people who will be gathered on that day are those that your life impacted, those that you helped and made a difference.

Our culture is in desperate need for people to look out for others… to look up and get out of their own world for just a moment long enough to see the need that’s right in front of them. That helps a stranger get by but also helps us as people receive a fulfillment that we can’t get from anywhere else. Let’s put the things that matter in life first and step out of ME myself and I just for a moment in time long enough to live in a way we were always meant to.