Easter ...a holiday for the religious right... ?

Since the Australia day wash up, chocolate has slowly but surely been taking over our stores as we head into this time we know as Easter (or ‘Malteaster’ am I right?). For about the same length of time many have been super keen for this end of March long weekend to arrive to be able to get away for their first real break since the summer holidays. The school term comes to a close (#lifegoals), uni goes on break and the weather starts to change as all codes of football are in full swing (#football4lyfe).

And it all happens around this time of Easter… which seems to be here before we know it each year.

But the word ‘Easter’ thrown in front of this time typically means little if anything for most of us, other than a label for this particular holiday that affects you if your religion of choice is ‘Christianity’.

But the truth with this time and the truth with Easter is that it (for real) affects each and every one of us. It’s a big part in our story as people. Whether we call ourselves ‘religious’ or not (and whatever that really means these days) this Easter is where we all got a second chance at life.

See when someone goes against a plan, when someone goes against the original design – it can go two ways. And you never really know how it will work out. Sometimes going off the plan we can get lucky and things work out better than expected (like doing an ikea flat pack in half the time). But on this occasion (and let’s be honest it usually happens with ikea furniture too) it didn’t work out too well for us at all.

We sadly went off the original plan and God was no longer a part of our life. And since this happened, things got pretty messy pretty quickly. We know this from our history – the more we walked away the worse things got. We’ve never really gone back from this either. You just have to take a snap shot of the current state of our big wide world to know how things have been playing out ever since. We’ve all been given the taste of a hell on earth. There’s ongoing hopelessness, depression, division, manipulation, shame, greed, anxiety, cancers, poverty – and the list goes on. This is the image and reality of a world where God has no place and where God is misrepresented by a large mass who claim to speak on his behalf. The end result – as mean girls would say, “Ew” and they’re right it’s not a pretty sight.

This brings us to the importance of this time of Easter… otherwise known as the great rescue, the second chance, our lucky break among all the hectic gear we had going on. We finally have a chance to have this history re-written and our future play out differently than where it was headed.  A chance to come back to God once again, be connected to our designer and connected to His plan (insert happy faces).

Despite what you may know it for – Easter is our Creator God reaching out to us in love. Any other representation of it is nothing other than false advertising. Easter is not about robes, crosses, laws, rituals, condemnation from the church, bad ‘Christian’ media stories, misguided or outspoken believers or a token holiday for the Christian minority to feel good about themselves. Easter is good news for all.

Easter is the time for all humanity when God our designer made a big statement to show who He really is. Love in the flesh, Love displayed! Our God losing His life that we might now have ours back.

See we were never designed to live apart from our designer and plan, but the fact is we’ve all gone this way! We and our families steer clear of everything to do with God. Many of us because of a bad church experience, many of us because of unanswered questions and many of us just led to disregard anything and everything to do with the topic altogether because somewhere along the way we or others have convinced ourselves it’s an all too ‘fluffy’ theory.

But it doesn’t have to be the case this year! We don’t have to allow these things to continue to be barriers to approaching and receiving the God who made you and gave you life. Easter doesn’t have to pass by again with little to no significance for you other than 3 days off during a busy calendar.

Easter can be your time to come back to what you were made for – to know the God who created you and to live with His guidance and with His help. That’s a big deal! And too big of a deal to not pay attention to. Don’t get caught looking at what seems wrong to you on the surface and miss the message that’s being covered up by those things in the meantime. Just like not every person who rides a motorbike is a bikie out to beat you and traffic drugs or not every cyclist disobeys the road rules. Your past experience of what you think Easter is about may be getting in the way and it would be so sad for it to stay that way.

The way I see it there’s nothing ‘fluffier’ here to consider than what most people already live by. The majority of people will live their life accepting the understanding that the design and complete uniqueness of something like our finger prints are the result of two gold-lotto-like power balls thinking it would be a good idea to collide one day. If we can live our lives imagining that this is the truth of our history – this Easter consider the reality of the ultimate act of love that sits at the core of that cross we’re all too familiar with.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son – whoever believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life. God did not send His son into the world to condemn it, but to save it through Him.John 3:16–17

We have been given a way back to our Creator God – a way motivated and carried out by immeasurable love and nothing less. Easter is great news for us all, this year we pray you would experience and receive it for all it’s worth.