Who We Are

The adolescent years have been said to be one of (if not) the most pivotal times in a person’s life. In an ever evolving youth culture young people often find themselves left to figure this period of time out on their own with so many decisions and choices before them. For us, having people in our life outside our own homes who walked the journey of our high school years with us with the sole purpose of seeing us have a positive teenage experience was invaluable as was the chance to gather with friends and grow together, share good times, and meet new people from high schools all across Brisbane.

Our youth group on Friday’s after school (plus our other events spread throughout the week) provide a way in which youth can come after a big week and gather with other youth in a positive environment, be encouraged, challenged and have a space where they can discuss and ask questions about their lives and the world around them. At present we have over 15 different high schools represented across the different year levels. Being a part of Riverlife Baptist Church, our values and ethos are understandably ‘Christian’ as are our volunteer leaders and we believe this is an awesome element of all that we do and who we are.

All are welcome to come be a part of Riverlife Youth and our events – there’s generally no cost to our events and you just have to be in high school to qualify.

What We Value

We value FAMILY // We value GROWTH // We value HONOUR // We value COMPASSION // We value GOD and all that He is and has done for us.

We think that people’s behaviour doesn’t determine their worth. Who you are is not based on what you do.

You were handmade, designed and born for such a time as this – there will never be another you. Your uniqueness is worth celebrating.

You belong before you have to be anyone or anything. We are all on a journey!

We don’t have all the answers, nor do we believe we have to.

Love without an agenda is our primary purpose.

Everyone deserves life that is abundant.

You can make a difference in this world. It’s not about what you can take but about what you can give.

Your life is your loudest message.

God is good. His forgiveness re-writes our pasts, we do not live under shame and guilt for our mistakes but are made new in Him and there is no one outside of the reach of His grace and forgiveness.

God is a present reality – not a religious belief system you align with.