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…providing a generation with an environment to flourish.



In year 7–8? Then we’ve got your Friday afternoon covered. Drop in to Riverlife straight after school on Friday’s from 6:30PM and start the weekend the right way! Join other year 7’s and 8’s from schools across Brisbane and spend your afternoon with some sweet games and activities and be a part of a group that journey with you through your high school years and all things life! This is a great way to meet new people and make friendships that will last. Riverlife Youth Freshman for years 7–8 runs from 6:30–9:00PM on most Fridays during the school term and is open to all young people within that age bracket.


If you find yourself in the heart of your high school years and in grades 9–11 then we have a solution for your Friday nights after a big week! Come join us from 6:30–9PM in the youth hall at Riverlife and spoil yourself by joining a bunch of other youth the same ages from all over Brisbane for your weekly Friday night hangs and spend time with leaders who have walked the same road that you’re on and want to see you win at life! Socials, entertaining games and activities coupled with the chance to discuss anything and everything… making Sophomore a part of the weekly routine is a must!


In year 12 and already dreaming about life with P plates and your future beyond the classroom? Then Varsity is your cup of coffee! Join other year 12’s who are trawling through the same assessment load as you and living the ‘seniors 17’ life! Varsity typically meets at Riverlife away from the ring and buzz of the larger youth group giving year 12’s the freedom to enjoy the ease of hanging and eating together and casually meeting up at some awesome hang out places around Brisbane. Come unwind 6:30–9PM on Friday nights and prepare for the next season of life.

The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.Benedict XVI